Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How to get a T-Mobile Web'n'Walk stick to work on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Yesterday, I had a momentary lapse of reason and bought a T-Mobile Web'n'Walk stick to be able to connect to the internet whenever and wherever I want.

The girl in the T-Mobile store in Groningen was very helpful and sold me the last Web'n'Walk they had, sending me on my merry way to the hotel where I discovered the stick didn't work. At least, not out of the box it didn't.

Figuring this had to be an issue with the Mac software T-Mobile ship with the stick, I decided to be sensible and call customer service. Their first response was "I'm sorry sir, we don't support Mac." At which point I curtly stated this was unacceptable as I had asked this in the store (and gotten a yes), and checked it on the package (which states they do support Mac). The inevitable cop-out was a callback appointment that they failed to live up to.

Which left me to solve the problem myself. As it turns out, it's very, very easy. Here's what I did to get the app to install.

  • Command-click the app and select "Show package contents" from the contextmenu.
  • Enter the "Contents" folder, then the "Resources" folder.
  • Doubleclick the MobilePartner.mpkg file and follow installation instructions.
  • Done!

Everything installed without a hitch. And after installation the software even updated itself to the latest version.

So it would seem T-Mobile ships a faulty installer with otherwise working software. Very easy to fix that. But they haven't yet.