Sunday, October 11, 2015

002 Birgit Smit | NLSGRVT Podcast

Welcome to the NL Sketchnoting, Graphic Recording, and Visual Thinking podcast where we celebrate the lives and work of visual thinkers and allow them to showcase things they are enthusiastic about!

Today, I’m talking to Birgit Smit, a professional graphic recorder from Amsterdam (actually Uithoorn, close to Amsterdam) who found me on Facebook while looking for IFVP members in The Netherlands.

Birgit specializes in live graphic recording on paper. She also creates awesome bespoke videoscribes and offers an in-person sketchnoting workshop that is both fun and immediately usable in practice.

I have a professional crush on Birgit. The way she works, the things she creates, her choice of materials and software, it’s all absolutely awesome and something to aspire to. Based on this interview, I bought a license for Sparkol VideoScribe and Tawe and have created my very first animated sketchnote with it. If you ever get a chance to meet or work with Birgit, do!

Want to learn more about Birgit? Check out her online presence:

The International Forum Of Visual Practitioners:

Sparkol Videoscribe (affiliate link):


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