Friday, March 13, 2009

Hanlin V3 eReader rocks!

Today, I treated myself to a Hanlin V3 eReader from, and man does it not suck! It totally rocks, displaying my entire library of ebooks, including some old copies of Crosstalk and Soundview summaries. It even displays the content of the Powerpoint presentations I accidentally copied over to the SD card.

The only thing I don't like is the crappy way the SD card slot is manufactured. It works allright, but when you want to remove the card you have to really pick it out with your finger. It doesn't do a satisfactory click-and-slide thing like most SD card slots.

Update Saturday, March 21, 2009: The SD card slot issue somehow miraculously disappeared today. I wanted to take out the SD card to put it into an external card reader, forgot all about the aforementioned card issue, and low and behold: it did a satisfactory click-and-slide-thing!


Robin said...


I am considering the Hanlin V3. Can you use folders to sort and separate your books? How do Mobi files and PDF files look? Any help would be appreciated :)

Robin J

Laurens Bonnema said...

Hi Robin, you can sort books into directories by creating them in the internal memory or an SD card and then moving the books into them. Mobi books look great, as do epub ones, but pdf's are a bit hard to read in portrait mode. I read those in landscape mode, i.e. first the upper half of the page, then the lower half. A while back, I had some trouble with the battery, but after a firmware update everything works fine again.